weekend wear


“I rolled out of bed this morning and was heading to the farmer’s market, so I got on the plaid.”

How modest, but let’s face it: she is good at putting together a day look that is simple, chic, and quick.

Even her hair is bun perfection.

“I always have my hair in a bun,” she said. “I was just thinking about that the other day –like I really need to find a different style for it.”

Some giggles later, “I’m really awkward in photos,” she claimed. But a comment on her cat eye frames quickly changed that.

“I got them from Paris West, here in Mt. Vernon,” she said. “I was going in for one pair and left with three.”

“The service is great. This is what I tell my friends: they alway have some coupon on their Yelp page. Their frames are more expensive than Warby Parker, but the lenses are like 70 bucks.”

“I love my glasses.”

We love them too.

Coat: Forever 21, jeans (her favorite pair): Urban Outfitters, & boots: Aldo

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