weekend wear


“Actually, your mom got me these boots!”

“Yea, she did. They were from the thrift store, and only 30 bucks too!”

A successful trip to the farmer’s market this morning for the couple with a bag of legumes, jam and other goodies in hand. “There’s a lot of style in Baltimore,” she said.

“I’ve even seen 4-year-olds with swag.” She’s from Texas. “I think my style has always been the same.” “I think my style has grown,” her boyfriend said. He’s from Boston.

No matter though, the now Charles Village residents make layering for fall look so good. “It’s because I’m cheap,” she said.

No, you’re thrifty…frugal. Her lips curled into a smile as she nodded her head in agreement. Shopping’s got nothing on you, girl.

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