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Conquering the day

“We just got in pretty much and toured Fells Point. Know any other places we should visit?”

Sisters from Connecticut.

One’s in town to exploring Charm City with her other half, as she gets ready for the physical therapy clinical program at Johns Hopkins. “Should I wear my glasses?” If you’d like. “We have the same frames, so if I put them on, we’ll look like twins.”

Love your look, the both of you. You pull off that fedora very well.

“Thank you,” she laughed. And with a one look at each other, the giggle frenzy ensued. “It’s so hard to dress for daytime because you want to pull it off, but be comfortable at the same time.”

“I don’t know what to do!” It’s all good. We’re just talking. Giggles all around.

From growing up in an area where “sweatpants were acceptable” for everyday wear, to moving to the city and realizing “there’s so much more.”

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